Skeptical Activism Campaign Manual

Skeptical Activism Campaign Manual

Skeptically Speaking host Desiree Schell is set to present a workshop on Grassroots Skeptical Activism at The Amaz!ng Meeting in Las Vegas. The program adapts evidence-based techniques and tactics from social movements, and explains how to plan and execute an effective campaign around issues of importance to the skeptical community.

Schell and Atlanta Skeptics organizer Maria Walters, along with labor organizer Trevor Zimmerman, have compiled their techniques into a Skeptical Activism Campaign Manual. It will help you identify skeptical issues that will benefit from activism, set goals, plan strategies, communicate with the media and your target audience, and evaluate your results. If you’re interested in taking your work as a skeptic to the next level of effectiveness, the manual is a must-have resource. Download your free copy now!
Skeptical Groups Added

We’ve recently added the following skeptical groups to our Group Index. If your group isn’t on our list yet, let us know!


Reason For Reason
Norman Clevenger


Orlando Skeptics
Kelley Clark