About Grassroots Skeptics Staff

About Grassroots Skeptics Staff

K.O. Myers is the founder of Grassroots Skeptics. He is the proud father of a very smart toddler, a graduate of the inaugural class of the Drexel University Earle Mack School of Law, and is certified to practice law in Pennsylvania. He lives in Philadelphia, where he is starting a law firm specializing in entertainment law and intellectual property licensing. Grassroots Skeptics is his attempt at encouraging skepticism to make the transition from community to social movement.

Jen Myers – Technical Director

Jen Myers is a web designer in Columbus, Ohio. She currently works as the web coordinator at the Wexner Center for the Arts. She blogs regularly at Skepchick and is also the lead organizer of Central Ohioans for Rational Inquiry, a Columbus-based skeptic organization that promotes critical thinking and science education. She is an unrepentant film snob, a consistently intermittent writer, and mother to a toddling future Skepchick. She keeps a blog at deliberatepixel.com.

Joey Haban – Editorial Manager

Joey Haban has been an editor at publications ranging from Premiere to Diagnostic Imaging, and was a proofreader at the oldest law firm in Los Angeles. Formerly a college instructor of English for deaf students and now sidelined by chronic illness, she blogs about disability, skepticism, and geekiness at Newly Nerfed. She lives in L.A. with her husband and two very unskeptical cats.

Patrick Jerome – Speakers Bureau Coordinator

Patrick Jerome is the head of the Jackson Skeptical Society in Jackson, Mississippi. He is a gardener and greengrocer who became interested in organized skepticism when he discovered, to his great distress, that quacks and cranks were claiming to be the only people who valued a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. His writing style ranges from breviloquent to loquacious, depending on the topic and his caffeine intake.